Starting the Impact

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”

-Mother Teresa.

Something often heard by many while growing up is the importance of giving back. I first learnt this in school during an event called “The Joy of Giving”. Spending your time making an effort for someone else, that is what brings new meaning to life.

28th September, 2017.

That’s when I tried for the first time, in Grade 7, a small exhibition to raise funds through the sale of my work. Painting and sketching was a hobby that I had started several years back, and this provided me with an opportunity to showcase my work and put it to good use. To my pleasant surprise, I managed to raise more than six thousand rupees in my first outing . The funds that I raised, went to the local chapter of Quota International, a ninety year old social service organization, working for the underprivileged.

The buyers of my work heartened me further, with pictures of what now adorns their walls.

Dear Anhiti,
Here’s you are my dear, your painting above a great masterpiece on either side! lots of success in the future.

– Pramod Bhandari

28th September, 2018

Now thoroughly inspired, soon I started to prepare for small exhibitions. By Grade 8, I did a full-fledged one at the school Open Day, with the help of my classmate, Aarushi Gupta. This time I raised funds for donating school kits to girls from a school run by an NGO called the Uday Foundation.
The hearty amount of eleven thousand was raised which far exceeded my expectations. All of the small works were sold out on the first day itself, and I was unable to put up a stall on the second day.

Then it dawned upon me that these exhibitions not only provide me with a chance to use my skills in a constructive manner and work on my passion, but also benefits others. Thoroughly encouraged and excited, I hope to continue having such events.

37 thoughts on “Starting the Impact

  1. Hi Anhiti
    I have loved your work and Everyone who has seen your gift tags and small cards have asked me where I got them from .
    it’s especially heartening to know that you use the proceeds to help an NGO


  2. Dear Anhiti
    There are lot of people who have a talent worth exploring sooner or later. What is remarkable about you is that you are using your art to make a difference in lives of other people. People like you make the world beautiful. Proud of you. God bless you.


  3. Hi Anhiti!

    The art is lovely, and made lovelier by the beautiful cause it supports. Really inspiring to see you blend your passion and conscience to create a positive impact from such a young age. Wish you loads of success, now and in the future 😀


    1. Dear Anhiti
      Beautiful art and more beautiful is your mission. Keep doing the good work.Wish you all the best!


  4. Dear Anhiti, this is simply awesome and for such a noble cause!, wishing you all the success in the endeavour!


  5. Anhiti,

    This is such a beautiful work and what makes it even more beautiful is doing it for a good cause. Wishing you the best and all the success with your passion.


  6. This is extremely creative and appealing for a noble cause. Keep up the amazing work and stay blessed!!!

    Gaurav Jain


  7. Dear Anhiti, These is extremely creative and appealing for a noble cause, Keep up the amazing work and stay blessed!!


  8. Dear Anhiti,
    What an amazing artwork for a noble cause!…Please continue your journey on this great path…your contribution in the world of art will surely inspire others…stay blessed..


  9. Your art, and more importantly, the thought behind your talent, is really commendable! God bless you ! Keep touching many more lives with your art and kindness!


  10. Wow Anhiti!!! Well done!! Your art is beautiful and diverse. Kudos to you for the thought behind this initiative, creating an impact on lives. Lots of good luck and best wishes…keep up the great work👍🏻👍🏻


  11. Dear Anhiti… is really wonderful and joyous to read about your blog and the work which you are doing….love and affection is something which can heal a needy in any situation…..small deeds like this will culminate in big initiative….good memories, motivation and inspiration to all of us!!! Great going keep it up!!!


  12. Anhiti,
    Being a designer myself, i love what you are doing and i deeply appreciate your work, i especially liked the dancing girl in the street with a silhouette effect, i hope you do more and work on subjects that affect the society, art is a political tool, use it and spread the awareness. All the good things to you.


  13. Hi Anhiti ,

    Congratulations !! The artwork and designs are beautiful and the thought behind this initiative of yours is highly commendable too.
    Love & Blessings


  14. Dear Anhiti,
    You are very creative
    Your work is beautiful. The thought behind this initiative is very noble & good.
    We wish u all the best in this initiative


  15. Dear Anhiti,
    You are very creative
    Your work is beautiful.
    The thought behind this initiative is very noble & good.
    We wish u all the best in this initiative
    Keep doing this wonderful work


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